Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So it has been almost forever and a day since I have posted... I am the worst blogger.... Anyway! I am excited because spring break is coming up and that means BAKING!!! Although, after that intense hiatus I have probably lost my minuscule fan base.... if there even was one...
I have been on the I am Baker blog and have fallen in love all over again with baking. Now here is something really really special. Check out this blog post!! I love this idea and would love to start this constant flow of anonymous cookie/treat giving throughout the US.... I have no idea how to do this, but it seems like an amazing idea! I really wish that I had the fan base to get this started, but I will suggest to Amanda that she keep this up, most of her followers love baking and would love to help others. Anyway... today is an easy day, but tomorrow will kick my booty into gear!!! Once tomorrow is over I might as well be on break!!!! WOOOO BREAK!

Break means:
Seeing my kitties
Seeing my home town
Eating at my favorite vegan places
seeing family
spending time with family
no school
being home...
...too bad break only lasts a week!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the kind words.. and yay you for feeling inspired to do something more!! I wish I could organize something right now. Heck, I wish I could organize something in general... its not my strong suit! Maybe something bigger will come from this... but for now its wonderful to be able to reach out and say thanks to the amazing folks like you who have been touched through it all!


  2. Thank you so much Amanda for commenting! It is an honor to have you visit my blog!! Maybe something bigger will come, I think your blog is a huge inspiration to many many people! You do such great things with your family and community! Thank you!!