Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break, exciting announcement in the works!!!

I have some very very very good and exciting news that I just received yesterday, however I am not ready to share it with the public yet. Heck, not like I really even have a fan base though who would spoil anything!! So just know there will be a big surprise reveal coming up soon (think mid/late-April)

So besides my icing failing miserably, I made cakes, cupcakes and cookies. My cakes fell (I either overmixed or the batter was toooo moist) but they leveled out just fine. My cupcakes are kind of a mess, but the cake itself tastes great. AANNDD- it was super super healthy! I replaced the oils with applesauce to make it even more moist, so no oils, the butter I used had flax seed in it (smart balance light with flax is vegan, flax is a natural, plant source of Omega-3's), I used whole wheat flour, and obviously there was no cholesterol since there were no eggs or dairy!!

buttercream? ya right...

6in cake, see how badly it fell?

So I realized why some exploded like that, I believe those were the ones I added some "buttercream" to the center to see what would happen, none of them visibly had a filling after baking so I guess it absorbed it

what I ended up leveling off, boy was it tasty

After being in the fridge for a long while my "buttercream" held together a smidge better, adding the green dye

all iced and pretty

side view, first time I've iced a cake like this (with a spatula, etc)

about to dig in!!!

In case you were wondering, once room temp the "buttercream" went to mush again, this was after the crumb coating... and after my cake started to slide around : (

The cookies on the other hand.... well they are good.... fudgy, chocolatey, and crunchy. Although I was going for gooey and chewy.... I have no idea what happened with them.... first, I think I messed up the batter because it was unbelievably sticky! Second, my oven is a mess and we have no thermometer so it's a guess and check game. I guess some were over done, but the recipe said until the edges were firm. I ate numerous since after each tray went in I tried a different technique, thinner cookies, shorter cooking, thicker cookies longer cooking, and tons of other combos. So of course I had to try them all to see if something worked.... right? Well none turned out like the picture or the way they were supposed to.... they are kind of dry and cakey but they are dense and fudgy (not gooey fudgy mind you though) I had tried the regular chocolate chip recipe of hers (Kelly Peloza) and they too were supposed to be gooey and chewy and I ended up with cakey, and I even made them in a different oven that is more reliable. Anyway, those were my mishaps. Maybe I am just not destined to make cookies?

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