Sunday, February 13, 2011

Non-Valentine's Day

Ok, so I changed around the style of the blog a little bit. Any feedback would be awesome and much appreciated! I have eaten sooo much peanut butter this semester, the peanut butter I bought in the last post I just finished today. YIKES! o well, I bought almond butter and peanut butter today so I am good now! Also, I am going on a competition tour this week and don't know if I will have access to foods I like and am willing to eat, so I am bringing my own. I am going to bring sandwich thins, peanut butter, chips, crackers, bars, and apples. I hope that will be able to take me through two days worth. I am really excited for competition, but am also kind of nervous, I really want to place so I can go to Florida for internationals. Plus, I'd get a trophy, and I love trophies. How cool would a trophy AND Florida be?
Anyway, valentines day is tomorrow... its kind of making me sad what being single and all. I don't even have my cats to keep me company in my mopiness. I love valentine's day too, I think it's so cute and the idea of having a day devoted just to love, desserts, and sappiness makes me really happy... except when I can't enjoy any of it. No boy. No vegan treats readily accessible. No boy... kind of depressing, but o well. My daddy sent me a lovely flower arrangement with roses and stargazer lilies (my favorite flower!) They are beautiful! My mom's cute kitty card came the same day as my dad's flowers too, how coincidental!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy vegan day!!

So today was INSANE!!! I finally met up with the vegans in my town and they were sooo nice! One of them made pizza and brought me a slice!! It was DELICIOUS! We talked for about an hour while I ate veggie and brown rice sushi!! YUM! When I was in line buying it the lady behind me was like, "is that all vegetables in there" I was like.... are you trying to be rude to me? Of course its just vegetables? Have you never had a vegetable? But she said it looked good, almost as if she couldn't believe meat free could be good... had she never had a pb&j? or pancakes? or pasta?
Anyway!!! After lunch with my new vegans, I was rushing to class and waved off a leafletter. Usually only religious organizations come by and I had to be in class in ONE minute... so I was super late, but it was totally worth it! Anyway, I had a twinge of guilt afterwards thinking, maybe they were ARA's. When I got back to the house, there were tons of vegan pamphlets. I was soooo upset with myself. I NEVER blow off leafletters, because I wouldn't want to be treated that way. I could have met two new people and my professor was later than I was, so I totally could have stopped! I spent the next half hour after I got back from class walking around campus looking for them, but they had already left.
I went shopping later on and got Toffuti cheese slices so I will tell you how I like them in relation to the galaxy cheese slices. I also got more 8th Continent soy milk, vegan boca crumbles and vegan morning star chick'n strips, as well as PEANUT BUTTER! (the holy grail of foods!!) Anyway, it was a successful trip and day but I wish I had met those vegans!