Friday, February 4, 2011

Crazy vegan day!!

So today was INSANE!!! I finally met up with the vegans in my town and they were sooo nice! One of them made pizza and brought me a slice!! It was DELICIOUS! We talked for about an hour while I ate veggie and brown rice sushi!! YUM! When I was in line buying it the lady behind me was like, "is that all vegetables in there" I was like.... are you trying to be rude to me? Of course its just vegetables? Have you never had a vegetable? But she said it looked good, almost as if she couldn't believe meat free could be good... had she never had a pb&j? or pancakes? or pasta?
Anyway!!! After lunch with my new vegans, I was rushing to class and waved off a leafletter. Usually only religious organizations come by and I had to be in class in ONE minute... so I was super late, but it was totally worth it! Anyway, I had a twinge of guilt afterwards thinking, maybe they were ARA's. When I got back to the house, there were tons of vegan pamphlets. I was soooo upset with myself. I NEVER blow off leafletters, because I wouldn't want to be treated that way. I could have met two new people and my professor was later than I was, so I totally could have stopped! I spent the next half hour after I got back from class walking around campus looking for them, but they had already left.
I went shopping later on and got Toffuti cheese slices so I will tell you how I like them in relation to the galaxy cheese slices. I also got more 8th Continent soy milk, vegan boca crumbles and vegan morning star chick'n strips, as well as PEANUT BUTTER! (the holy grail of foods!!) Anyway, it was a successful trip and day but I wish I had met those vegans!

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