Monday, January 24, 2011

Thick and Creamy Hearty Bean Stew

Last night I decided to up my college cooking and make a stew. One of my friends has a rice cooker so we made the rice in there then sauteed the veggies and un-drained beans with seasoning and added the veggie broth. It was kind of an all night adventure because we didn't know what we were doing and the rice took forever to cook.

Veggie Broth
Celery- 1 stick washed and chopped
Red Onions Chopped- 1/4 a cup
6 mini red potatoes cubed and washed
1 can of great northern beans
Garlic herb seasoning
Rice cooker

I used about 2 cubs of broth, but I would use more depending on how you like it. I was originally going to make a soup then decided for a stew. Well I'd never made a stew before and didn't realize it would congeal so much. It is about the consistency I like my oatmeal, which is good but its not really a stew by any means. Adding more broth will fix this. Anyway this is a fun dish to make with friends in a dorm room if you have an open night.

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