Meet the Staff

Hello all!
This is the page to be if you want to learn a little about me and my little helpers! But first, let me tell you, this is the blog you want to check on frequently if you are looking for yummy, easy recipes with mouth-watering pictures!

About me
I am a student. I study a ton, but I also have my fun. I am very driven and work hard. I tend to get on kicks and my newest one is cooking! I love making new things, even if they are super basic. I came from a family where gourmet was made in the microwave! haha! So, for me its exciting when I make mac 'n cheese from scratch (aka noodles and making my own vegan cheese sauce!) I love animals, and will probably be a crazy cat lady when I grow up.

A beautiful, 2 year old Maine Coon-mix kitty. He is very loving and shy. He has some anxiety but is very attached to me. He knows how to roll over, stand, and comes when he is called. He is the sweetest thing and would never hurt a fly. 

With a svelt physique and stunning coat, this Russian Blue-mix is one you want to meet! He is so sharp and definitly the alpha male. He is 3 years old and loves playing and cuddling.

A tortie with a mind of her own, but lets face it, what tortie doesn't? This 2 year old lady is really up to some mischief! She likes to stay on her own a lot, and has a chronic runny nose, but when she wants to, she is such a love bug!

My posts will mostly be about different recipes, my cats, or updates in my world.