Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hal & Al's

Hal & Al's is an all vegan pub/bar. We had chili cheese fries, I had ordered sweet potato fries with chili and daiya, but I think they just made a mistake. Totally didn't bother me though, I could have eaten those fries all day long... too bad they ran out!!! Then I had a chili tofurky dog with daiya onions black olives and then ketchup. It kind of scared me how similar it tastes to a normal hot dog. I really don't eat much match meats, so when I do they kind of freak me out. My mother had a luna burger which is a vegan burger from a local company (the Luna company, I guess) on a pretzal bun. It tasted pretty good, I liked the consistency of the bun and burger together and the sweetness of the bun complemented the burger nicely. For dessert we got sweet pretzel bites. They were basically french toast with sweet vanilla sugar glaze. They were so good and puffy and the glaze was very sweet, I just wish it came with a little more. It was an amazing restaurant, my all time favorite! I would honestly come back to Ohio just for Hal & Al's. The service was great, very relaxed environment and quick, caring service. I have heard they have a very comprehensive beer menu so if you like beer it makes a fantastic bar just for that. Anyway I will upload the photos later, just wanted to fill you in on this great place! While in ohio we ended up always matching, this night was no exception....

Diggin' in!!

The damage

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