Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pattycakes Bakery

This morning we went to an AMAZING little bakery, the best part: It was all VEGAN! It is called Pattycakes Bakery, my mother and I shared a pumpkin walnut muffin which was deliciously decadant! We also shared a cinnamon roll, it was a very manageable size and was not heavy like a Cinnabun roll would be. It was sweet and fluffy! They had shirts for sale (made by American Appearel) and I got one in blue! I am soo excited, it is very cute! They also had free buttons and fliers and whatnot that I hoarded. They had hemp-flax oatmeal bars and we got one for my dad, we also got a slice of cake: lemon with fresh blueberry frosting!! I already ate half of it! It is soooooo goood! Fluffy, moist, and so fresh... just like I wish the weather would be here. It was a great environment and the workers were clearly having so much fun together. I noticed no men were working, but there were male customers. The presentation of the goods was unsurpassed, and I believe the prices were justified, however, it was a little pricey. It was also a little challenging to get to, we took a cab and even he got a little turned around. Ok, so then I made a pb sammich for lunch and then we went to the most amazing restaurant EVER for dinner, I will post more about that later.

They gave us free buttons!

So fluffy and moist!

How cute is the seating? And that giant chalkboard?

DELISH! I took home a peice of that lemon blueberry cake (the lemon cake with pink frosting in the upper left)

I also got a blue shirt! I couldn't resist, look at that wall though! NOTICE: Obama now has a mustache lol

And they have personalized bags?!?!

To go cakes, I love how they decorate them with their logo!

...and cookies and muffins!!

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