Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Art

My favorite bakery is Sweet Art. They are all vegetarian and do many vegan options. They are also a cafe of sorts too. They have interesting hours but the most amazing food. I love their cupcakes, brownies (they occasionally have pb brownies too) their cakes, buttercream... Okay I love it all! I got my birthday cake from them, it was a Best of Both Worlds (6. in cake with four layers of alternating vanilla and chocolate cake, I chose to have chocolate buttercream filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting... it was unbelievable, I ate half of it in one day... by myself) They have an amazing atmosphere, and really helpful staff. They owners are a married couple, the wife does the baking and the husband makes paintings which are hung around the shop (get it, art?) Anyway, I really want to work here over the summer!!!! So, I went there for breakfast with my best friend over break and we ordered the breakfast quesadilla. I wish I remembered what was in it. But it was a whole wheat tortilla, with tofu scramble, some match meat probably, sweet potatoes I bet and some daiya, and onions and avocado on top. I wish I remembered what else inhabited this deliciousness but I cannot. Here are the pictures though. This is pretty much the best place ever and if you are ever in the area you absolutely MUST try it... it is too good for words. You will not be let down!

I love this quote! 

My bday cake (that I shared with my sister)

The inside, YUMMMMY look how tall it was!!

It was soo moist and rich, the chocolate buttercream was HEAVENLY!!!

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