Monday, December 13, 2010

Taco Night!

Tonight I made tacos for dinner! Completely cruelty free! This recipe served six tacos with a little extra rice (I didn't put rice in every taco) For reference, it is best to read through my recipes thoroughly before starting as I add some details that you may need to know before starting. This way, you can adapt my recipe to best fit you!

Vegan Taco Shells (I used taco bell's)
Black Beans
Onion Powder
Taco Seasoning
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vinegar (I used a rice vinegar I believe)
Vegan Cheese (I used Daiya Mozzerella flavored shreds)
Optionals: vegan sour cream, lettuce, onion, garlic, lemon juice, peppers, tabasco sauce, anything you've got in the fridge that seems yummy!

Pour some olive oil in your skillet and heat 'er up! Pour the excess bean juices into a cup and save for later (I left some still in the container though) Pour in your beans and stir them around while you sprinkle dashes of onion powder and taco seasoning in. Test it to see if you want to add more seasonings. Once most of the excess juices are gone add the rest of your drained juices and pour a splash of vinegar in. Here you can get creative and add things like garlic, lemon juice, or other things you have in your fridge (if you have onions or anything that would be best sauteed, add them at the beginning before the beans so they have more time to fester) When most of the juices are soaked up, make sure to leave a little left over so the beans don't get all dry or whatever, pour them into a bowl and cover so they don't get cold (I put mine in the microwave to hotbox it!). Also, I cooked my rice in some leftover bean juice. I ended up eating some rice plain so this was yummy! Now cook your rice- I had microwavable rice that had already been cooked so I just heated it up.
While you are doing all of this, heat up your taco shells so they are ready to go!

Now spoon some rice into the bottom of your shell, add some beans, and top with whatever else you like on your tacos (as long as it's vegan!) I simply used daiya cheese because it is all I had, but salsa or vegan sour cream would work great! I believe tofutti makes a vegan sour cream if you are curious!

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