Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mac 'n cheesyness on my one month!

Ok so tonight I was so excited to make this I completely forgot to take pictures. I'm kinda ticked... I even had my camera right there! O well! I was so excited partially because this is my one month anniversary (lol I sound like a kid in a relationship!) of no meat! Yay! I was veg for about six months a couple years ago and about a month during the summer but this time its for real! I have never been this passionate or determined. Anyway, heres my dinner:

I got this recipe from vegweb.com. My only complaint is that it made less than I thought it would, but proportionately it was a good amount of sauce/noodles ratio. I am making this for christmas eve dinner (we always like to have something super kid friendly since I have three little monster cousins) I added a little bit more almond milk that suggested to make a little bit creamier, and I noticed the hotter you made it the more the "butter" started separating. I used earth balance butter, almond milk, daiya mozza shreds, and whole wheat spiral/corkscrew like noodles. I added basil, salt, and pepper to my sauce. It was delish!

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