Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vegan Lovey Dovey Pie

Ok, so I made a red velvet pie, some cookies, baked donuts, and a red velvet cake since the last time I posted. Lets try and fit that all in. Since the holidays are coming up I will hopefully be doing more baking then I have been.

The red velvet pie is a vegan adaption of the Lovey Dovey Pie
It turned out really well, everyone loved it. The only issue is, I have never made a buttermilk pie and had no idea when to take it out of the oven. It pulled away a bit, and was firmer than I think it was supposed to be, but it was good. I can fix the pulling away issue but piping dunken hines cream cheese frosting (non-dairy, gross) on the "seam" of the pie and crust.

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