Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stay hungry, stay foolish. -Steve Jobs

Today is a good day, today is a GREAT day. It actually started out kind of shitty. Last night I had to pick someone up from the train station and their train was 15 minutes late, and I got there 15 minutes before it was SUPPOSED to get there. Then I had to drive 25 minutes to pick up their things, then 25 minutes back home. Then when I got home and got in bed, my roommates had a boy over. Boys always talk louder. Then as I was drifting into sweet sleep, I got a call from train kid. To tell me that one of my exs was in their dorm hall, which I had already told them my ex was there on their train ride. Maybe they didn't believe me? Then I put in my earplugs and went back to bed. I dreamed about my ex. The one that has been on my mind for a year now. It is coming up on our two year anniversary... if we stayed together... but we didn't... but technically we never really started going out, and technically we never really broke up. And if you think it is just me, I heard from him last December 2nd 2011 (almost a year after we broke up... depending on when you count when we broke up)... via text, I could have heard from him more recently via facebook but it was around the same time. It doesn't really matter, he moved away from here so there isn't anything anyway. But I wore his shirt last night, hoping to spark a dream maybe? It worked. I don't really remember a whole lot of it now because I didn't really recap it much this morning. The gist of it is I think we were going to try getting back together.

Anyway. Today was amazing. I love my classes. I love my professors and I am really happy. I have already made some friends in my classes and I have already started on my homework. Now I am kicking back, having a snack (not worrying about my weight one bit), and just relaxing. It feels great.

Also... I had my business law class today... maybe I do want to go to law school? {HELP}

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