Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kahlua Oat Pie

Our next pie was a Kahlua Oat pie with chocolate chips. It was really tasty, but I would change a LOT. I would not pre-bake the pie shell, I would add a bit of flour, and I would bake it longer. Also, I would add more filling, which would require me to bake it even longer. but I would. Because it was delicious! and I am sad it is gone. And I am sad that I ate the whole thing except for two pieces in a week. I don't really feel like writing the rest of this now, wow I'm lazier than a sack of potatoes... can potatoes really be lazy if they are inanimate? Isn't lazy an emotion/feeling/experience that an inanimate object would be incapable of experiencing? Anyway, I may update this post later.

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