Monday, September 5, 2011


My dad and I made pizza last night. He never liked cheese so we only put Daiya on my half. I know before I had mentioned to use Daiya sparingly because of its miraculous melting capabilities... but I just love it too much. I used a whole bag on my side and the stuffed crust...and on eating it out of the bag... woops! We also had black olives and tomatoes (his side only!) To stuff the crust I just pulled up on the crust, shoved in some Daiya, and pinched it down! probably best done before you put the sauce on but I was A) too excited about having pizza and B) making stuffed crust for the first time and wasn't thinking technically. It turned out really well... however the crust could have used more Daiya... better yet everything could use more Daiya, but that is beside the point. I LOVED it, and hadn't had stuffed crust in years! If you think you can't go vegan because of the cheese, this will change your mind! Marvel in the beauty of Daiya!

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