Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So... I made the rest of the cupcakes... I realized, the thinner the batter, the longer the cooking time. Interesting. So I think I am taking a break from sweets for a while. I need to lower my glycemic index. I'm not actually sure if that is how it works, but it sounded good.

I am currently making some rice, beans, onions, hummus, flax, hemp oil... and God knows what else I find. On the topic of God. People think I say "Oh my God" too much... Really I only say it because I want to include God in on that moment. Like today, I was driving and a bird was low swooping, I was scared I was going to hit it. I said "Oh my God" I didn't have time for a prayer or to even think, but God was looking out. It is like a mini-prayer and inviting God into every situation.
Anyway, it feels so freeing not having my facebook. I almost feel like I am back in olden times... lol riiiiight. But seriously... without facebook, texting, and phones... how else do you get a hold of people in a reasonable time frame? I don't know how....

I also worked out today, it feels very freeing working out too. I dance. I love it, I get tired but I am having so much fun I don't care... you don't hear people saying that about running or weight lifting... they hate it... they just enjoy it because it is all they know... it is theirs. I love sweating... I love dancing. So I am getting a smidge (I wish) closer to deciding what I want to be) I am settling on business. I need to limit my choices, and business is still a VERY broad area. The three main things I am thinking now: some general form of business, law, opening my own shop. More than likely I will go into law or some general form of business. It is the "safe" choice. But I haven't always been that "safe" girl. Sure, I don't take risks... like ever... no seriously I'm wary of the stock market... I drive like I'm 80... I don't break laws or even guidelines... I'm extremely straight-edge. Too bad my mom thinks I'm some drug dealing hooker... I always think it is funny that the good kids get reprimanded and the bad ones parents don't give a damn. I guess that is why they are the bad kids.

I got my audio recorder from my sister. I want to start documenting my life. I used to love my dad's old recorder, it was the size of a walkman, remember those? My aunt had one... I had this great idea for one that connected to the internet where you could listen to all sorts of music... meet the iphone... anyway, being a lawyer my dad uses his for recording trial stuff I guess... it always made me feel so professional hearing my voice next to my dads. I was always so shocked at the way my voice sounded. It sounded the way it has always sounded, I always feel like my voice has been the same, a personal narrative of sorts. I still disagree with my voice, but it's better. Anyway, my dinner is finally ready, nummmmnumnum!!! yes I am eating at 8:30 lol It has raw onions in it, I love their burn. I remember one night I was so desperate to binge I ate a whole raw baby onion...simply because it was in front of me lol Anyway, here is a pic of dinner tonight:
sorry... phone pic : /

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