Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Announcement Reveal!

Soooo my big announcement. I am transferring schools. I need to be closer to home... and I need a fresh start... not that my life isn't exactly where I want it, I just know that I can get more being back home. I have more resources to make a bigger change. I want to start selling my baked goods, I am also trying to get a job and start an AR group at my new school. I need to take summer courses and I am also trying to get a service leadership certificate. Ya... I am going to be busy. But when I am not busy I get depressed...

Anyway... this is my last sunday in this god-forsaken town. Don't get me wrong, I love this place. But it is kind of like how you love laying in bed alll day and eating a ton of food.... and then you always get sick and vow you will never do it again because you got nothing done and are in pain and know you just ruined your diet? Ya.... kinda like that.... it's just a playground of nothingness. Hm... well it is bittersweet leaving. Today is my last sunday here. I will visit often I hope.

I cannot wait to start baking again. And cooking. I just ordered my mom's mothers day gift, and I cannot wait to try it out, it comes in this wed! I am going to start testing the waters with mailing my baked goods. I will start by sending them to friends who are staying in warrensburg over the summer, and family. Maybe I can actually get a market for this going.... it would be awesome if I could. Anyway... I am living life. Actually living. and each day provides new opportunities for making my life amazing. Live it up!

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