Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It's finals week... or should I say two days lol. Today is my last day of finals!! I will be home after this and then I have a whirl wind of things to complete. Unpack, get to see Jonathon Safron Foer speak, making a vegan cinco de mayo for my best friend! then take her home the next morning and leave for columbia at 8am, when I get back at around 1ish I need to shower and get ready because I am meeting with my new schools Student Government Association to discuss starting an AR Club. Thing is... I thought he was an adult so I had been calling him "Mr." turns out he's two years older than me. O well! I just don't want him thinking I am a kook! I want to put off the best impression for ARA's all over. He is a preppy kid so I have decided to wear one of my lacoste dresses, a necklace, my crescent, and my sorority badge. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time! Here goes nothing!!! Wish me luck!!!

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