Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scrumpbeanylicious Salsarito

Ok, so I was hungry and didn't know what to make... so I splurged a bit and made a giant burrito!
This thing was the most delicious burrito I've ever had!!!


Light Flat-out (or burrito roll, but these are healthier)
Black beans
Chopped onions
Black olives
Parma Raw

Spread hummus on the flat-out, then pour drained blackbeans over it with chopped onions and black olives (and anything else you want) sprinkle on some parma raw and daiya then pour a line of salsa, microwave for 45 seconds-1 minute, wrap up ends then sides, flip and microwave for 20-30 seconds. pour some more salsa if you wish, and enjoy!!!

The last scrumptious bite!


  1. I noticed that you have a lot of faux cheese, ha! Where do you get it all? Whole foods? Trader Joe's? What's your favorite?

  2. Hello Eva! I use faux cheese all the time, I absolutely adore it! But then again, I am vegan for the animals first, not my health! If it was solely for my health I would probably try to stay away from the fake cheeses and use something else, like avocado. Buuuut it tastes just like real cheese (to me) and I am not too concerned with my health. I am actually ALL out of vegan cheese. When I am in my hometown I get it from Whole Foods. I use Galaxy Rice Cheese slices (cheddar) as well as Daiya Mozza Shreds. Daiya is the best because it melts to perfection and does not contain soy, soy is not the best for you in such extreme amounts, but hey I am not concerned with health remember lol! Daiya just came out with a new flavor of shreds too, I think a pepper jack or something? I also use Parma Raw which is just chopped up walnuts and some seasoning I believe, it is really great topped on spaghetti! I live in a really small town and am trying to make it to a store that offers some very minimal vegan alternatives. I know they carry soy vanilla yogurt in a big tub that I am going to mix with some kashi granola cereal. They also carry vegan ice creams! Thank you for reading, it is great to hear comments!!

  3. Lena, you've gotta start taking care of your health! If you don't, who will?! When I first looked at your blog I had to do a major double take because I came over here from the PETA2 boards and read that your blog was a vegan one and I was seeing al this cheese, ha! I don't think they have any of those cheeses available here where I currently live, but like you said.. best to stay away from so much soy.

    Thank you, too, for visiting my blog; comments make my day. :) Especially on a post as important as the one you commented on.

  4. I eat fairly well for a college student I'd say, I try and eat mostly organic and natural foods as well as balanced meals but a lot of times i eat junky like fake meats and cheeses, or tortilla chips lol.
    Haha I know, most people I live with didn't know I was vegan for a long time because my food looks SOO normal and appetizing!
    I hope your blog is doing well, companion animals can be very connected with us so I understand how important that post was to you!

    What is your peta2 name?

  5. That's good to know. : ) My PETA2 name is KoalaEva. I used to be super active on there something like 6-7 years ago... not so anymore. I'm really pleased with how my blog is going, thanks! I don't think most of my readers even know that I'm vegan, ha! All my recipes look quite "normal and appetizing", too, so that's a bonus. I just felt it was necessary to fill my readers in a bit more about me with that post. My cats are so important to me.. animals in general are!