Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned: Celery does NOT go in smoothies... period... the end... goodbye!
-But not really goodbye. I have made two different types of smoothies with celery and the texture is disgusting beyond belief! It is so pulpy! I have to admit though I HATE pulp! So, you may like it, but be warned it is extremely pulpy. Maybe I should have used a strainer or something to extracted the pulp, either way, I could barely finish that smoothie! It had- peanut butter (YUM) celery (normally yum...) 8th Continent Soy Milk (YUM and super low-cal!) and Agave (yumm!) would have been a great meal... but I decided I wanted to drink it instead of eat it... BAD IDEA!

So that was my short update, haven't been making much food lately, but I did go to another vegan event run by the St. Louis Animal Rights Team, or START, you should check them out if you are anywhere near the area. They are really great people and do some pretty amazing things! The food was great, and there was an AMAZING turn out!

I leave for school In exactly a week and I am not too thrilled, to say the least! There is still so much that needs to get done. I need to move, finish thank you notes, go to doctors appointments, pack up, hang out with everyone I never see, clean up, and relax.... somehow I don't think I will be able to relax, it is soo stressful moving! Wish me luck...whoever you are....!

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