Tuesday, January 11, 2011

College Cooking

So, I am back at school! It's exciting and I am really enjoying it. However, there are things I miss. Here is my top things I miss

5. My single room
4. My car
3. My family
2. My cats
1. A stove

However, I can show you tons of great stuff using only a microwave (and sometimes a toaster)

I made a mini-pizza using the following ingredients:
Arnold's sandwich thins
pasta sauce (I used ragu veggie one or something)
daiya cheese

I toasted half of the sandwich thin and then put on sauce and cheese to my liking then NUKED IT for 30 seconds! it turned out a little soggy but the "cheese" melted perfectly and it smelled devine (even my omni roomie thought so!) I was too hungry to wait for it to cool and potentially congeal so I ate it with a fork and knife. In the past I used to make this in the toaster oven and it was much crispier but the cheese didn't melt as well, but I probably didn't put it in long enough. Either way, the microwave version was ooye gooey and delicious!

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